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It's unclear from your description just how the spitting works; while you say "doomed to die" it's unclear what you mean when you go on to say that creatures with more than 6 HD can make a will save each day... Do you mean that it's a curse such that *if* that character dies he rises as a zombie, until either the save's made or the curse removed or it takes effect? Or does it instantly slay anything with 6 HD or less?
Those who are 6 HD and under die sometime that day, no save, and rise up as a zombie upon death.

Those with more than 6 HD may make a DC save to elude the curse each day, but cannot escape it unless the curse is removed. If eventually they fail the save they to die and rise up as a zombie.

might add how much time it takes for a head to be added into the swarm because in the middle of a battle 12+ hit points can be a big downer...
The next round I'd say, will adjust.

Anyway, I'm really tempted to give this an Mitp vote: no
I'm not submitting my stuff as of right now, so no worries.

because of the uncomfortable amount of undead and otherwise irredeemably evil creaures that seem to be going into MitP. The swarm itself is yet another mechanically and creatively excellent creature in its own right, but I would really love to see more creatures that could be beneficial to players in a respect other than experience.
Well, err, this is the first evil creature I've submitted in awhile... have at least a dozen others posted since my last evil aligned beastie.