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    Paladin Academy: Chapter 2: Part 2

    A soft breeze makes its way through the forest. Leaves upturn and float around in the gentle current. Everything projects a serene feeling as nature moves about undisturbed.

    ...Or until a dark figure moves through the forest. The black cloak billows about the figure as the hood obscures the man's face. Several critters hastily move away as the figure steps down right where they once were. As the man continues forward, he comes out across a field of flowers and tall grasses. Moving forward unabated, the scenery rapidly begins to change. Flowers begin to wither and die. Old husks of dead trees begin to dot the landscape. Everywhere in front of him, the landscape just seemed to be dead.

    Finally, he stops. Before him is a mouth of a small cave making its way into the side of a cliff. After pausing for a moment, the figure then continues, plunging into the mouth of the cave itself. As he continues down, his footsteps echo off the damp walls. It soon becomes pitch black, but the man continues his stride. The way he makes his way through the impenetrable darkness suggests he had memorized the route through the cave.

    After some time, his footsteps stop. Silence accompanies the darkness for a short moment, before the sound a door creaking open echos. A dim light appears from the other side of the door as the figure pulls it outwards. Then, stepping over the threshold, the door softly shuts itself behind the man. Before him, a shape moves about in the rust yellow light. The man steps forward and pulls back his hood, revealing himself to be Recaiden.
    "You know why I'm here. I wish to make my purchase and leave."

    The shape pauses for a moment. Then the voice of a teenager speaks out in a cool, confident voice.
    "You're never much in a mood to talk, are you Recaiden."

    Recaiden's face is etched with much irritation as he shifts his stance.
    "Yeah. Being in the presence of a Dark Wizard who chooses to stay in some bratty teenage body does get under my skin somewhat."

    "What are you complaining about?"
    The shape turns and in the dim light, a boy that looks about the age of 15 is looking at Recaiden with a smile that would send most men running. His black hair was short, yet wild looking and his skin was much too pale. But the most noticeable features of the boy's face were the two glowing red eyes gleaming out at Recaiden.
    "Admit it, Recaiden. You'd be nothing without me."

    "Nothing? Without you?"
    It was obvious the remark angered Recaiden.
    "Brat. I've been an assassin long before we ever met. I haven't needed you then-"

    "But you do now. Tell me, how's it been going in assassinating people with all those pesky paladin's in your way?"
    Recaiden looked as if something struck him. The boy smiled widened.
    "I knew it."
    He turned back to his work and Recaiden's gaze wandered to it. The source of the yellow light was coming from some liquid set in a glass vial. The boy reached into a shelf and pulled out some dry, hair looking plants and sprinkled them in, causing the liquid, as well as the light, to turn sickly green.
    "If it wasn't for my poison, all of your would be targets would still be alive."
    He dips his finger into the green liquid and sucks on it happily.

    Recaiden sniffs in disgust. Stepping forward, he places a small sack onto the desk in front of him. Soft clamor of coins give hint to gold coins being inside.
    "Just give me your poison and I'll be off."

    "Not so fast."
    The boy set down the vial and reached for a stick of chalk. Turning around, he waves the chalk around in mid air, as if he was writing on something solid. Suddenly, glowing shapes and symbols were etched in mid air, hovering around ominously into the shape of a rune of spellcraft. The sack of coins slowly rose into the air towards him. Then it turned over, spilling out the contents of the gold coins.
    "First I got to make sure you have the right amount to pay for it."
    The coins changed directions from falling to flying around the rune he drew in several rings. Once the last coin was set into orbit, the rune imploded into a rift. One by one, every last coin flew into the rift before it shut. The boy smiled, satisfied.
    "Very good. But do be more careful with this batch. It does take a while to make. I seem to only finish making it just as you come to purchase it."
    The boy then took his chalk and drew upon the vial a different shaped rune. It stood there for just a moment, then it began to glow Orange. Originating from the rune, the liquid rapidly turned orange in color.

    Whipping the chalk around in his hand. The vial corked itself and flew across the room to float in front of Recaiden. Recaiden took it without hesitation and pocketed the vial.
    "Very well. Our business is concluded."
    He turned to leave.

    "Not so fast Recaiden."
    Recaiden turned. The boy was no longer smiling. In its place was a dark look. The eyes glowed dangerously.
    "From now on, you will show more respect to me. Is that clear?"

    "Respect is something that you earn. Something you clearly haven't gotten from me."
    Recaiden began to leave again. As he did so, he felt something tug at his belt. He instinctively reached for it, but too late. His dagger was now floating in mid air in front of him. He glared angrily at the wizard who was certainly enjoying his predicament.

    "Oh, I should have long since earned respect from you, Recaiden."
    The dagger shifted in mid air, blade facing Recaiden as if it was about to lung at him. Recaiden cursed silently about why he hated spell casters.
    "If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have the poison you do now."
    He takes a step closer.
    "If it wasn't for me, then you wouldn't have this little dagger either."
    He took another step closer.
    "How would you have hoped to have a chance of cutting through a Paladin's armor without this Recaiden?"
    Recaiden didn't answer. The boy smiled wider.
    "I'm glad we understand each other now. As you well know, I only keep you around so you can prove that Blue is a big idiot wizard who has rather lost his touch if he can't protect his *oh* so precious paladins from an ordinary man. I can wait until he's long dead before actually stepping into the spot light myself."

    The boy chuckled softly to himself.
    "Great. I'm so glad I'm doing you a favor. Now if you would be so kind?"
    Recaiden holds out his hand, waiting for the dagger to be placed in it.

    "Not so fast. First you have to address me by name."

    Recaiden looked at him for several seconds.
    "You're kidding, right?"

    The dangerous eyes flash again.
    "Do I look like I'm kidding?"

    They stared at each other for several more seconds.
    "Fine. May I please have my dagger now, Sarudark?

    The boy smiled, satisfied. Twirling the chalk around, the dagger turned in mid air and placed itself softly into Recaiden's hand.
    "Until we meet again."

    Recaiden mutters darkly.
    "Lets hope its a good long while until then."
    He turns and push the wooden door open. Behind him, it closes with a snap. Sarudark watches the door for a few moments before slowly beginning to laugh insanely.
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