This coming weekend is the one year anniversary of Sea of Dragons going into open beta. We've had a great year with lots of new updates such as custom coded systems, PnP style monsters. In all, we've made more headway on this project than we expected in such a short period of time. We're looking forward to doing just as much in the coming year.

However, that can wait for a few days at least. For now it's time to celebrate a little bit and do something fun for our players. This coming weekend (February 4/5/6) we are going to take a shot at doing a three day marathon of DM-run events. That's right --- though I don't think we can cover all 72 hours, we're going to have 7 DMs online that weekend as much as possible.

If you've played on SoD or currently play there, be sure to stop by sometime and try to get into one of the plots. If you haven't played there, now might be a good time as we hope to have both a lot of DMs and a lot of players on during this weekend.

We only do this marathon once a year, so don't miss it!

Anyone needing more information about the server can just read through this thread or click the link in my signature to jump to our forum.