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    Alias: Antius Mercurial Cyrion, Higgs De Ser Von Marco Ocavio, Talinos Arlin.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 32, looks not a day over 20
    Alignment: CE
    Class/Profession: Mage, Artificer, Complete Monster
    Power Rating: B- to A+

    Description: Mercury has green eyes, blond hair and is somewhat good looking in his normal form, but it's been a long time since he used that.

    Personality: Mercury was a self-centered ***** before he bonded himself to a Daemon. After that, his mind and soul were slowly devoured, until he had nothing left but the worst aspects of his personality. He's a narcissistic, selfish, greedy bastard, no matter how he acts, and can't really restrain himself. He's also terrible at evil schemes, as he has a bad habit of not thinking things through then panicking when they inevitably go wrong.

    The Razor: Device capable of becoming pretty much any kind of weapon.

    A monocular goggle designed to fit over one eye, letting the wearer see incredible distance.

    A set of six golden bands, each one increasing strength.

    His overcoat and shirt, which protect him from the elements and have the strength of chainmail, respectively.

    Two bandoleers of various wands.

    Boots of speed.

    His trusty belt of holding.

    Abilities: Mercury is a powerful illusionist and enchanter, and reasonably good with other types of magic. Thanks to his Daemon, he can draw upon virtually unlimited reserves of magic, but the amount he can use without going insane is pretty small, so he mainly uses wands and other such devices instead of his own powers.

    Backstory: Mercury was born on a world were magic was granted by contracts with Daemons, magic elementals that feed on emotions. When he was twelve, Mercury made a deal with a Daemon in order to join his nations magical elite, who ruled over those without magic. As it turns out, Mercury was just talented enough to be good at magic, but not talented enough to be eaten by his Daemon, and he graduated from academy as the best and only surviving member of his class. Sadly, he rose through the ranks of magery a little to fast, and his rivals implemented a scheme that ended with him escaping into the Nexus. After that, he completely lost control of his Daemon, and was forced to go into hiding. Recently, he gave most of his magic powers to his archenemy Maxios so that he could blackmail him, leaving him struggling to cast anything stronger than a cantrip.
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