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    Quote Originally Posted by Irbis View Post
    IExcept, it does not make sense. Where he was for the 7.000 years when all sorts of crap took place and he never intervened? Was he too busy to deal with the current big crisis? And if there was primarch around for the 7.000 years, why were High Lords of Terra even needed.
    Turns out that that isn't the case. And Dorn never rocked the boat. Whatever it takes to keep the Imperium stable. And, if that included 'doing nothing', then that's what Dorn would do.

    Quote Originally Posted by hamishspence View Post
    It's possible that the definition of the Sword of Sacrilege as a Despoiler class came later- the source cited in the M31 Timeline page on Lexicanum, for Dorn's death and location, was the Ian Watson Space Marine novel-
    427.M31? That is a very short time. Some research later...

    Ferrus Manus is the first to die, during Istvaan V massacre.
    Sanguinius is killed by Horus.
    Lion El'Johnson is turned into a vegetable when he gets home.
    [?] Robot Girlyman goes on Crusades against the Alpha Legion and gets an attempted Headshot from Fulgrim who shows up.
    084.M31: Jangatai Khan runs into the webway.
    211.M31: Leman Russ goes down to the shops to get some beer and never comes home.

    [?] Vulkan goes Treasure Hunting. Will return 'like Leman Russ at the End Times'.
    [?] Corax heads into the Eye of Terror after brining his own Chapter to near-ruin. A talk with Dorn leaves both of them sad/angry.

    427.M31: Dorn is killed.

    If Dorn was indeed killed in M31...
    It's quite possible that Dorn could've been killed by Curze...

    So, Dorn had to take care of the Imperium by himself for ~150-200 years?
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