Name: Manjix L. Makok

Alias: None
Gender: Female
Race/Species: AngloDemonic
Age: 1254 Yrs. [28 Human]
Alignment: Neutral-Good.
Class/Profession: BubbloMancer, Comedic Releif
Power Rating: C+
Description: This woman reminds you of a playful puppy. She has narrow magenta eyes. Her thick, straight, black hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a horse's mane. She has a feminine build. Her skin is dark. She has large feet. Her wardrobe is bizarre and mysterious, And seems to be made out of bubblegum, You can just barely see her small robe with the color scheme of Black and Grey underneath
Personality: Very funny and nothing seems to mind her. She seems to be more of a background person, and tends to stay out of trouble.
Equipment: Wears nothing but her bubblegum Armour, and the small robe underneath.
Abilities: Blows bubblegum bubbles, and can turn the into what she wishes.Is Weak to Environments in which the humidity Is Extraordinarily high.
Backstory: I are the third child of a sage.

During My childhood:

I Was found guilty of harboring criminals.
My mother was outlawed for political dissidence and treason.
My Father was killed by your grandmother.
During My adolescence:

I was responsible for the death of My sister.
I encountered a monster that unlocked the potential of my bubble blowing powers.