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    Phillip Michael Banagher
    Alias: Phillip Michael Banagher
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Aos Si, Tuatha de Denann, Sidhe, whatever you want to call him, he's like an elf, but a lot less hippy and a lot better looking. Phil is now a human cyborg.
    Age: Equivalent of 20, but his kin don't actually measure time concerning their own ages. I mean, it should be obvious to oneself when your going to die without needing some sort of number.
    Alignment: Hopes he's a good guy, but thinks far too philosophically on this question to decide. Seriously though, he's a good guy.
    Class/Profession: Effing genius, that's what! So what if he doesn't know what his latest invention does! guess he's a technowizard type person.
    Power Rating: Probably about a 3. As easy to kill as a normal person, but has some magical skill and a lot of technological help. Plus, being Aos Si, if you kill him, he is just sent back to the Otherworld and lives out his life there before being reincarnated back on this world. Closer to a 4 now.
    Description: Around five foot nine, with long, platinum silvery goldish blonde hair held back in a gamer's ponytail and a thick goatee to distinguish him from the other races of elves everyone makes fun of. His irises look like they are made from molten mercury, and he constantly has a smell like oil, iodine, and ozone around him, like someone who's been working in a machine shop or near a generator, though when he showers really well the smell is washed off and his natural smell (which has been likened to fresh spring grass and rain) comes out. When he feels strong emotions, his entire eye becomes that mercury color and glows. His skin is pale, but not creepily or sickly so. His ears are short but pointed and angular, and has a strong jaw and shoulders and is well if wirey muscled despite his skinny frame. Usually wears jeans, black converse high top sneakers, and a t-shirt, but he also has a few hats and jackets he's rather fond of. He has a pair of deep blue thick rimmed sports goggles he usually wears around his neck, and always carries around his black laptop bag. Looks rather young. Has intricate tattoos of smooth, swirling rainclouds and intertwined and elegant gears on his upper arms that he taps into for power

    Phil's eyes are now a deep grey-green and have three pupils, a normal one, a slit pupil, and a wavy w pupil like a cuttlefish. Along his spine, or perhaps replacing it, is an almost arm-thick dull silver cable that curves just perfectly with the spine and has some thin bands of a glowing blue material going across it vertically revealed by open sections every few centimeters. The spine-cable sticks just barely out of Phil's back, but tapers down and recedes at the base of his skill and the top of his pelvis. Similar smaller cables lead down the outsides of his arms and the front of his legs, tapering down beneath the elbows and knees and coming back out on the forearms and shins.
    Just barely visible within Phil's calves are the aged bronze colored toroid springs, merging just perfectly with the triceps surae, muscle and machine pulsing beneath the now oddly blue-gray toned skin that could pass as normal under a cursory inspection if it weren't for the gently glowing blue material running along the inside of Phil's skin like perfectly measured out and placed wiring, connecting the strange spine-cable to other important bits and to alien looking black metal circles located on the outsides of major joints and nervous centers (aside from the head). A white glow emanates from his chest.

    Personality: Wants to be nice and well liked, but is snarkish, weird, quick to correct others or argue, selfish, hateful, misanthropic, out of it, or bored a lot. Prefers animals and machines to people because they're easier to control and quicker to forgive and forget. Quick to apologize. Likes the rain. Rather smart, and offhandedly drops off fun facts and lines from old stories or poetry. Cannot stand people who are just stupid. Less intelligent, yes. Stupid? Hell no. Narcissistic, often apathetic. Hates Macs.
    Equipment: His laptop bag, homemade computer, and whatever inventions he decided to bring with him. Spare parts and broken machines always seem to be nearby for him...
    Abilities: Can sort of talk to machines and inanimate objects and give them life and sentience, however brief. Moderately skilled in magic, and great with computers and other bits and pieces of technology and machinery. Pretty good with a gun. Can 'summon' spare parts, whether through magic or his uncanny ability to just have them there when he needs them. Being Aos Si, he can make it rain, hut usually doesn't unless he has permission from those around him because he doesn't want to alienate people who don't like the rain. He can apply tattoos to people that give them powers or enhance their preexisting powers.

    His flesh can return up to 40 percent of the force it receives and repairs itself via nanobots. He can see in several different wavelengths and the polarization of light. He has radio plasma jets that allow him to fly a short distance above the ground, he can jump extremely far thanks to the toroids in his calves, and his strength has more than tripled. He's still experimenting with adding more features.

    Backstory: Like all the Aos Si not in the Otherworld, he was a gift to a deserving human family that aged to keep up with his family until he reached his current age, then became the slowly aging being he is now. His childhood was friendly and accepting, and his attitude isn't caused by any sort of childhood trauma but rather by his own constant hate of not being better than everyone at everything and self deprecation. He found out about his powers early on, and has always tried to use them to make the next must have invention, but always got sidetracked.
    When I first got on this site, he hung out around HALO for a while to study philosophy under a dragon living there, but was attacked by a barghest.
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