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    Alias: Riv
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: Fifty or so in time lived, thirtyish in actual age
    Alignment: NE
    Class/Profession: Mad Doctor
    Power Rating: With gear: C+, Without gear: D-

    Description: Riv is average height, slightly skinny, and none to pretty, although not really ugly. He's also badly crippled, lacking an arm, and although he can walk just fine, jumping is hard for him. He wears a combination labcoat and duster, usually in tatters, over his body armor, as well as a utility belt and hobnail boots.

    Personality: Riv isn't exactly stable. He alternates between being lethargic and unpleasant, to acting like a hamster on speed, the second generally when he's committing some kind of crime. He's also a self described egomaniac psychopath with anger management issues and a tendency to over-react to even the slightest perceived insults. He can however stop brutally murdering people enough to be actually competent once in a while.

    Equipment: He has a rather nice Kevlar vest that generates both a personal shield, and a light distortion field that bounces lasers away and makes it hard to hit him, a laser rifle which he doesn't use as he would need two arms to fire the darn thing, and an anti-teleport zone generator left over from his mad SCIENCE! days. More recently, he's picked up a supernaturally accurate hand cannon, an electrified katana, and several poison gas grenades of his own design.

    Backstory: Riv was a side effect of an experiment into time travel by Dr. Conrad, resulting in the creation of several alternate copies of Conrad, among which was Riv. Conrad used the timeclones as test subjects, leaving most of them insane and psychopathic, including Riv, who was, sad to say, among the sanest. Riv was later released, and wandered for a time before entering the Nexus, where he promptly grafted an Eldritch Evil's appendix to his arm, and completely lost it. After accidentally (or so he claims) killing a teenager, he went to GLoG in an attempt at redemption. Didn't go so well, and he lost an arm, his mad SCIENCE! powers, and suffered from brain damage. He later sold his memory to become the ultimate doctor, realized he was useless in a world of healing potions, and went back to being a villain.
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