Phoenix Town. To the untrained eye, it is like any number of other midsized city in Japan. Its people live their lives, bustling to and fro. Phoenix Town High School staff prepares for the return of the students, as those self same students bemoan, look forward to, or do not really care about the end of their vacation. In its classrooms, club rooms, and athletic grounds lie many memories for most of the populace of Phoenix Town.

The more devout attend one of the many local shrines. One in particular is tended to by one of those self same students, Sayaka-san’s vacation likely consumed by the work necessary to keep the Houheiden Shrine in tip-top condition. Situated on a forested hill, apart from much of the development, the Shrine is surrounded by Forest, give it a picturesque backdrop. The Shrine grounds are the picture of peace and tranquility. For now, they serve as refuge for those exhausted by their day to day lives, a spot to rest, recuperate, and find the strength to continue on with their lives. To the Shinigami, it is known as a place where they may pass between worlds… along as they obey the rules set forth.

The Venti Buon is no less a refuge, in a different fashion. The Café is placed near to many important spots for individuals with a sense of the supernatural, including the Cemetery, and (Blank) High School. The Café is not huge, and both its staff and regulars would raise an eyebrow at a more formal establishment, but to the High School Students that frequent it, such is just normal. Perhaps some of them will seek it out today, as that dreaded or anticipated date closes.

Not far from Venti Buon sits a shop. Most overlook it, but for those interested in the more supernatural aspects of this world, it is a must see. Furousha Shop caters to many kinds, and much of its clientele counts other clients as enemies. However, Viatrix’s skills and usefulness has kept it quiet thus far, and the place is an invaluable source, no matter if you are Shinigami, Hollow, or Medium. However, everything has a price.


So, on this gloomy and moist afternoon, let the story continue. Phoenix Town has become the center of dire plots, and none know the full extent of the danger, including those conspiring to bring about its destruction.

Just as rain begins to fall in full, Kondo Sayaka is at the center of attention, having just survived an attack by a monstrous Hollow called Null Mind. But it seems she hasn't survived without a scratch - what odd transformation has her body gone through?