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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozen_Feet View Post
    Mihail duly notes the confusion and anxiety in the woman's voice. She's speaking the truth. She also seems surprised by his appearance. She isn't as alert as I thought. If he'd wanted to, he could have struck her down... of course, she had survived a blow that had cracked stone. I'd be hard-pressed to do any better now.

    "So you are twin ghost"
    , he says deadpanly, turning to regard Ken and Sayaka. "Are you well?"
    Cassandra stared at the man blankly. "Twin ghost? You'd better start making sense, I'm not in the mood for this." She said, threateningly. Wait a minute, twin? He was tagged...

    He must have fought one of her clones! Only one had survived and given Cassandra its memories, after all. But this man couldn't have possibly killed her clone; she could feel absolutely no reiatsu from him. If she had killed his clone, then Cassandra would be very disappointed.

    "I don't recall asking for your assistance here, either. Stand aside, I need to make sure she's all right. Hold her still, boy." She moved in closer, her hand moving to touch Sayaka's forehead.

    Furousha Shop

    A man dressed in a labcoat walked up to the shop, looking determined. Vincent had found very little in his research, but from what he had heard, there was very little that went on in Phoenix Town money-wise that Viatrix Klossner was not aware of.

    And was most disappointed to find the door locked. "Doesn't that just figure..."
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