[Hollow Attack - On the way to Houheiden]

Sayaka was aware she had been picked up. It was a strange feeling. Like floating in the air. The motion was nauseating though. Her head rang-rang when she was moved. But at least the danger was gone.

"Can you speak?" Ken asked Sayaka.

She took another deep breath and nodded.

"Thank you." Was what she said softly. Her throat hurt when she spoke.

She lifted her head up, and tried to use her arms to hold herself to sit up. There was a woman and a man she did not know. And... Kina? Maybe that was her farther away.

The woman's touch on Sayaka's head was cool and refresh. The painful headache became softer, and Sayaka sighed in relief.

"I'm ok. Somehow. I-I should be dead. But it seems you saved me. Thank you." She bowed her head a little.

I still feel strange. I sound strange. What's going on?"

Sayaka looked down at herself. She looked at her hands. And then started to check if she was injured.

Was I always this much shorter than Ken? And this uniform seems...


A brief feeling of annoyance. She looked at the others.

What did the hollow do? She wondered. She had her memories still. . . Right?

"I feel ok... I think. But I shouldn't. Something should be wrong. I should have died. What happened?"