Mihail remains still as stone. What was he supposed to be doing. Oh yes. I wanted to visit the shrine ahead, he thinks impassively. Last remnants of adrenaline fade from his veins and just leave aching muscles and sweaty clothes clinging into his back.

He scans Sayaka. There are no visible injuries on her... but that doesn't mean much when the attacker is spiritual. Maybe the poor girl's soul is somehow damaged? There's something odd about her clothing, something that clashes with his earlier observation of her. Could've sworn she looked older before, he muses, but then lets the idea fade. It's not like he couldn't have been mistaken... it's not like even he sees everything, right?

"There is shrine ahead", Mihail advices. "Maybe get help there?" Of course, there are other buildings just around them... but going to a shrine after being attacked by ghosts sounds like a better idea than pestering ordinary folks with it.