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    Quote Originally Posted by Kayne650 View Post
    Furousha Shop

    A man dressed in a labcoat walked into the shop, looking determined. Vincent had found very little in his research, but from what he had heard, there was very little that went on in Phoenix Town money-wise that Viatrix Klossner was not aware of.

    "Ms. Viatrix Klossner? I have a request for you..."
    Unfortunately, the store seems to be closed. However, there is a box of business cards on the front door with Vi's business cell number.


    Viatrix sneezes, hanging out in the bathrooms so she isn't caught and treated like a normal student.

    At least she isn't smoking. That'd be bad for her health.

    [Venti Buon]

    Nero sneezes. Pulling his newpaper down, he looks for an ash tray, and if present, lights a cigarette before going back to his reading.
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