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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasanip View Post
    "I feel ok... I think. But I shouldn't. Something should be wrong. I should have died. What happened?"
    "Well I found you and managed to get that thing away from you while it was holding on to you. Maybe it didn't get to finish whatever it was doing to you and that's why you appear alright. I don't want to scare you, but there could still be something wrong with you that you don't about yet. It was holding on to your head and it tried to control my mind so my guess is it did something to you mentally since you're alright visibly. I wouldn't be surprised if no one here can tell entirely what happened to you. Maybe your father can though. I suggest you try to relax and don't push yourself to do anything. I can carry you the rest of the way home if you wish or I could at least offer my shoulder for support." Ken seemed perfectly composed while still showing concern by how intently he watched her. He turned to Cassandra and then to Mihail. "Thank you for helping us. We'll be going there." Finally he switched his attention to Kina and called out to her. "Would you like to come with us to the shrine? Maybe you'd feel better if you took some time to relax there after seeing what just happened."
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