Phoenix Town, with Sayaka, Ken, and Mihail

Cassandra knew. It was an extraordinarily rare ability, but it happened occasionally; a being with the power to drain memories. But this even more than that, because it went so far as to affect her physical body. That was why she had no physical scarring; the damage wasn't physical. Not that she was going to tell any of them that.

"I didn't do it for you," she tells Ken coldly, her voice sharp. "You were an idiot. You jumped into the fray with that beast, and it could have easily killed you. Such sacrifices don't make friends, trust me. If you want to protect her, start by not being so dumb."

"I've done all I came here to do,"
she said suddenly, turning away. "Don't expect me to save you next time."

And with that, she walked away, vanishing amidst the tangle of buildings.

In front of Furousha Shop

Vincent saw the box of cards, and pulled one out. He looked at the number and dialed it, hoping that she would answer. He had distressingly few informational contacts in Phoenix Town.