"Well damn. It looks like I arrived late."

Between the disappearance of the Hollow's admittedly not-so-large Reiatsu and the size of the school grounds themselves, his lateness was perhaps justified.

Hasunaga was here, in his mature adult guise. He had the largest frown on his face when he noticed Cassandra. However, he also saw Ken, and she wasn't holding any weapons; so at the very least she wasn't threatening them at the moment...

...which didn't immediately mean she did not contribute at all to the current state of affairs. With everyone gathered around her, Hasunaga couldn't see that Sayaka was the one attacked.

"I'm going to be as direct as I can and I don't want you to lie to me." He addressed Cassandra. There was a barely contained anger in his tone - he was clearly holding back a great deal. "Are you responsible for this attack, yes or no?"