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    "...I'll take it under advisement.

    If you truly did save him, then I don't have any reason to fight you."
    Hasunaga begrudgingly admitted. Though he wasn't exactly thanking her, either. Then again... she was acting rather differently than the last time they'd met. "And I wouldn't mind if things stayed that way. What you do with your time is your business. So as long as you're not attacking any of my students, I couldn't care less which way you nod or shake your head." It also seems quite obvious he had a few choice words in mind instead of the ones he just chose.

    "This one, I didn't have the chance to warn yet." Hasunaga replied as he went back in time and stared at Ken, instead of Nakahiro, thus correcting a brainfart on his player's part.

    He turned to the others, and finally realized who it was. Kondo Sayaka... she seems smaller somehow. Maybe it's just the way she looks all shrunk in pain...?
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    This one's new.

    I met a girl with a really pensive look. I walk up to her, put a fifty cent coin in her hand, "For your thoughts. I know the going rate is supposed to be one, but I figure you play hardball."

    She gave it back, "Keep it. Pretty sure a guy with your charm can find a way to have them for free anyway."