Yaago Duarte, Fraccion to Genoveva, the Primera Espada
Gender: Male
Age: 165
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 286
Reiatsu: Blood Red
Aspect of Death: Mutilation
Rank: Fraccion to the Primera

Yaago is large hulk of a man, massive muscles and bald head. His Hollow hole is through the back of his mouth and can be seen form the back of his head or when you look through his mouth when he talks. The remnants of his hollow mask is on his forehead and is a large horn like bone which curves backwards over the top of his head and the rest liek a mask extending down over the rest of his forehead to the tops of his eyes and then lower around the temples like sideburns.

He wears a solid white outfit with black piping around it. Most of the time however it is stained with his or others blood so much that it makes the white seem invisible. His arms are bare with multiple scars riddling their landscape. He has scars and wounds everywhere and is rarely found not bleeding from some self inflicted wound to which he makes no effort nor shows any desire to heal or have healed. He allows it to trail behind him wherever he goes, and often cares little about what messes he makes. When it is required of him he finds underlings which he forces to clean up his messes, however it is rumored he has a pet arrancar cat that he has trained to lap up the blood.

He is a wretched and horrible man, he cares little for anything other than following the Primera's orders, which he does without question. He LOVES blood, and if he can find others blood, he will self mutilate to get his fix of blood. He bathes in it, drinks it, lays in it, whatever he can.
He has no sympathy for anyone and will pick on any being no matter their power. He would kill a human baby, or old man without hesitation and drink their blood in front of them as they bled out. He loves hearing the cries of those as they die and will often laugh and yell with them as he takes their blood. He LOVES it in every way, seeing it, smelling it, tasting it, feeling it, hearing it gush out. He is an addict and he loves every second of it.

Yaago wandered the deserts of Hueco Mundo for a long time, before he first tasted blood. But after a long fight where he struggled to survive where he was left bleeding, his blood and theirs all mixed together he tasted it in his mouth and once he tasted it he couldnt get enough of it, searching out weaker opponents and defeating them, or more powerful ones large in size filled with blood, even feeding on himself at times. He grew stronger and stronger so he could get more blood, new blood, all he wanted was blood. The Primera found him in the deserts destroying hollows and literally bathing in their blood, she offered him the opportunity for NEW kinds of blood a NEW taste. Mortals, Quincy, Shinigami, it all was unknown to him and as he never tired of the hollow blood, he was unwilling at first until she took him to Earth and had him kill and feed on a mortal. That was all Yaago needed, it was so different tasty and good and if she offered this and even more, he had little to concern himself with. He gave her his loyalty from that point on and he would follow her unquestioning, that is, until the blood stopped flowing.

Zanpakuto: Sangre Latigo (Blood Whip)
Sangre Latigo takes the form of a large and wide claymore like sword he carries most of the time over his shoulder or dragging behind him. It has serrated edges along both its sides up to about 1ft from the tip where it is a normal double sided blade. It is particularly sharp on all the serrated edges, and Yaago spends much time sharpening it. It is meant to produce horrible scars and wounds. It is also ALWAYS dripping with blood on some part of it, whether his blood or someone else's as he doesnt want it to ever forget what it desires.


Resurrección: "Mi vida es tu muerte, la lluvia látigo de sangre hacia abajo!!!!" (My life is your death, blood whip rain down!)

Upon its release, his entire right arm will be incased in a boney like structure which is sharp and serrated at points and is larger than his Claymore which this seemingly has taken the place of. It would drag on the ground or he could carry it on his shoulder, he has no hand on this arm at this point either. A thicker armor will also appear on his shoulder and legs, and his hollow mask remnant will cover more of his face down to his nose and jaw. He also will grow in size to 10ft tall and ad another 200lbs to his weight.

The large right arm weapon also would exude and drip blood from its center slowly down the shaft of the weapon. Yaago can control the speed and amount of this blood as well letting it gush out or trickle if he desires. He can even shoot it out (to about 50ft) in small doses.While the weapon itself is capable of acting like an enormous sword Yaago tends to use it like a whip of blood, letting the blood gush over it as he then would whip the weapon towards an opponent throwing the blood at them in large doses.

"La Sangre de la Muerte"(Blood of Death):
The blood itself is EXTREMELY acidic and would cause sever burns and pain. It is also very sticky and is not easy to get off. However once the blood comes into contact with the opponents blood it will cease to be sticky and can be wiped off with ease. The blood is in a sense searching out the blood of its foes, trying to eat through its opponent so that their blood mixes and is let out.

High Speed regeneration: In resurreccion, Yaago has a very high speed regeneration, which allows for him to recover from all the blood he loses in his attacks. He even allows for attacks to land on him so he can enjoy his own mutilation, only to regenerate himself and do it all over again.

Enhanced Strength and Size: In his resurreccion form Yaago is a behemoth when it comes to physical strength and stamina, he also grows to 10ft tall and his weight rises to around 500lbs

General Abilities:

Bala: Yaago uses bala very well as it produces a more physical effect on the opponent (namely as it is a physical attack it can make it more bloody), and one specific trick he has in resurreccion is to throw a lot of blood in the air and then shoot a bala through it, thus taking the blood to the target and inflicting blood damage.

Cero: Yaago detest ceros and has only rarely ever used it, as such he is not good at it and its power is very weak, when he does do so it forms at his chest.

Hierro: Yaago's hierro is quite thick and tough, but through self mutilation has become thinner at areas like the wrists and upper legs where he likes to cut himself.

Sonido: Is not a very fast moving Arrancar over distances, but is quite agile for his large size in close combat.

Garganta: Can create Gargantas and prefers to have his own blood burst out of the mouth like openings whenever he appears anywhere.

Pesquisa: Very below average sensory skills, except when it comes to sensing blood as he can smell it from far off, even being able to identify the types of it.