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    My Homebrew:


    Dual-Heritage Disciple: A half-elf who has recognized his heritage as the son of an adaptable human and an arcane elf, and has learned to combine their principles and ideas into one.

    Bakeneko A druid who takes advantage of the old legend of the bakeneko, a monster cat, and uses his unique abilities to infiltrate and take care of those who would go against nature.

    Hexer of Time: A cursed warrior who combines his cursed arcane and incarnium abilities to manipulate time. GitP PrC Contest XXXI contest entry.

    Dimensional Weaponeer: A warrior who learns to take full advantage of their Gloves of Storing, and uses it to enhance all of their weapons they store within it. Errantx's Pick for GiTP Prestige Contest XXXIV!

    Protege of the Iron Dragon: A prestige class I really need to finish. Artificer/Warblade class.

    Current Project:
    The Spellbound: A partial caster base class who learns to empower himself by binds spells to himself. Eventually will have ACF's for maneuvers and a few other systems, and feats to support multiclassing.
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