Sunflower Desertbloom
Alias: Princess Sunflower, Princess
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Half-giant
Age: 36 (human equivalent: 20ish)
Alignment: CN
Class/Profession: Mercenary, part-time princess
Power Rating: C
Description: Standing at just over seven feet tall, weighing 220 pounds of pure muscle, Princess Sunflower is somewhat small for a half-giant. She wears her dark brown hair done up in the latest styles and highlights her deep brown eyes with exotic cosmetics, generally applied just a little too heavily to be attractive. She dresses in rich robes of crimson and gold, adorning her hair with topazes and red desert jasper. She also wears a heavy gold signet ring, set with a large carnelian carved with a stylized sunflower and the ignan letter S.
Personality: She is intelligent but straightforward, preferring to use her muscles over her brains. She is cautious, and carefully sizes up opportunites and risks before entering a situation. And while she tries to be both noble and friendly, she generally comes off as insecure and somehow... off.
Equipment: She has a chainmail shirt she wears as a nightdress, painted with sleeping red dragons, but otherwise doesn't wear armor. She favors silk robes, when she can afford them, or linen when she can't, and is almost always more heavily dressed than the weather seems to require. Beyond a few small personal items, and some rather cheap jewelry, her prized possession is a large crystalline guisarme that glitters a deep clear orange.
Abilities: She's a fighter; she fights. Mostly she tries to keep enemies away from her, or from the person she's guarding, using the reach of her weapon to her advantage. She's also mastered the ancient half-giant trick of changing her size, able to become smaller or larger with a thought.
Backstory: (What she says:) She was the only daughter of the King of the Deep Desert, and enjoyed a life of luxury and ease, until a band of infiltrators overthrew her kingdom. The nomad tribes splintered and turned to their own leaders, leaving the deposed king and his family on their own. Forced to make her own way in the world, she fought for her life until fighting became her life. She moved on, and on, and on again, always searching for a way to restore her kingdom to its former glory. Finally she moved all the way to Nexus.
What really happened:
Her nomadic family was large and influential, but they specialized in smuggling and were known for their swiftness of delivery and ruthlessness in business dealings, not their nobility. Her daddy did call her "princess" when he tucked her in at night, so she figures that's close enough when dealing with the wetlanders. She was guarding various desert-running smuggling operations from the time she could hold a spear, and had her own small band of runners in her late teens. Her parents encouraged the development of her blossoming psychic talent towards improving her fighting abilities, recognizing her value as a fighter.
In her mid-twenties, while searching out a new route through a dangerous stretch of wasteland, she discovered a group of half-giants living a strange communal life. They greeted her warmly and offered her food, shelter and rest. She stayed in the commune for several days, learning about their ideals and how their society of psychics worked. Eventually they offered her a permanent place where she could live and enhance her psychic powers. She considered turning them down, but was swayed by an attractive green-eyed young man, and lived with them for almost two years.
In the end, things didn't work out with the young man, and she left somewhat hastily with his life savings of raw deep crystal. She had planned on returning to her family tribe, but first spent some time searching out a crystalsmith who could turn her stash into a large guisarme. Delighted with her new weapon, she found mercenary jobs plentiful and well-paying, and sent word to her family that she'd be developing a branch of the buisness in the wetlands. She had a signet ring and "heirloom jewelry" crafted, and delights in buying expensive clothing. (Even her working outfits, while sturdy and dull-colored, are lined with fine silk.)