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    Alias: Sparky
    Name: Ronald Hedger Call me that and you will die.
    Race: Human
    Age: Approximately 25.
    Alignment: Anywhere between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral, for a price.
    Profession: Mercenary, Gunslinger, Bladesman, Hired Muscle.
    Power Rating: C+ normally, B in ARMOUR 1, B+ in Final ARMOUR.
    Description: 5ft 6ins tall, slim build, maybe 180lbs at most. Short scruffy red hair, a few freckles but not many. Caucasian male. Black leather jacket, black leather shoes, plain white shirt always undone at the top two buttons, black trousers, and the same silver watch.

    Personality: Calm and collected... most of the time. Don't harm children around him. Children are off limits... ALWAYS. Doesn't take kindly to being asked too many questions, but he knows how to handle a joke. Got a little bit of a prankster in him.
    Equipment: A large assortment of guns, varies from time to time, but usually contains the following -
    • x2 Desert Eagle custom-mod Machine gun pistols (outfitted with explosive rounds, hollowpoint bullets or fragmentation rounds)
    • x1 Daito MKIII Shotgun
    • x1 McKallen "Roomsweeper" Assault Rifle
    • x1 Grenade Launcher

    Sparky has a unique metal secondary-skeletal structure as a result of a car accident, this can extend above the skin to provide the following -
    • x2 30cm blades extending from the wrists over the top of the fist
    • A bladed suit of Chromatanium body armour that adheres to the skin. Known as ARMOR
    • A more advanced bladed suit of BlackChromatanium body armour with wings.

    Also posseses a MKV teleporter, capable of teleporting long distances, or short distances if using stealth mode.
    Abilities: Master marksman (can hit a fly's wing from 500ft), expert hand-to-hand combatant (armed and unarmed), at the peak of human physical condition.
    Sparky's bloodstream is filled with nanobots that amplify his central nervous system with tiny electrical charges. This allows Sparky to utilise superhuman speed and strength to his advantage (top speed clocked at 60mph). However, if not kept charged by approximately 1000 volts/day, the nanobots will begin to rip him apart. The constant need for electrical shocks over the years have left Sparky with a major resistance to all forms of electrical attack.

    ARMOUR 1 - Amplifies Sparky's considerable strength and speed to even higher levels by supercharging the nanobots (but drains their charge 1.5x as fast though, so use of ARMOUR 1 for 1 day = 1500 volts needed). Chromatanium is approximately 100 times harder than conventional steel and resistant to extremes of temperature and most acids. ARMOUR 1 also provides Sparky with a targeting system that amplifies his considerable aim. Any and all of his guns can be adapted by the nanobots to integrate with ARMOUR 1, e.g. he can manifest his pistols as wrist-mounted weapons rather than hold them.

    Final ARMOUR - Further amplification of strength and speed. Same qualities as ARMOUR 1, except made of Black Chromatanium (different colour, approximately twice as durable). Wings allow for flight at sub-sonic speeds. Large energy spear (disentegrates matter using an energy field around the blade) can be produce from the arms.
    Can launch a devastating energy blast from the chest by concentrating and charging power. This attack drains the energy levels of the nanobots to low levels from max-power, but is incredibly destructive.
    Final ARMOUR drains power at approximately 3x the rate as being unarmoured.

    Backstory: Been a Runner for 7 years. I don't expect you to know what that means... you really shouldn't.
    I grew up on a farm in Ireland, but I got into a nasty car crash when I was 15, ended up with nanobots and a suped-up skeleton. That's all you need to know.
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