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    Default That's ONLY CR 9??? Let's Read: The Monster Manual II

    So, we've all heard the horror stories of a particular book. The book whose creatures, with the CR currently assigned to them, would either be so tough that they rip right through PCs, or so weak that they die in droves. Among the most complained about books in all of 3.X edition, the Monster Manual II.

    In this thread, I intend to read through and summarize every monster entry in the book, from overpowered to underpowered (and even the few in between). In addition, I intend to work with participating posters to come up with new Challenge Ratings for every creature in this book.

    Currently, I expect to update every Monday and Friday. There will be three chapters, just like the book: Monsters, Templates, and Bonus OGL monsters.

    So, anyone interested?

    EDIT: 3.5 adjustments to the 3.0 stats will be marked in red.

    I will be using the Vorpal Tribble's CR calculator to determine the base CR. For those who don't know it:

    #1. Divide creature's average HP by 4.5 to 6.5.
    4.5 for 5 HD or lower, 5 for 6-10 HD, 5.5 for 11-15 HD, 6 for 16-20 HD., 6.5 for 20-25 HD.

    #2. Add 1 for each five points above 10 its AC is, subtracting 1 for every 5 below.

    #3. Add 1 for each special attack (+2 to +5 or more if its got a decent number of spells in its spell-like abilities).

    #4. Add 1 for each quality unless you deem it worthy of more. Add 1 for each resistance and 10 points of DR it has, and 2 for each immunity. Subtract 1 for each vulnerability.

    #5. Add 1 for every two bonus feats it has.

    #6. Divide total by 3. This should be its rough CR

    Chapter I: Monsters
    Ash Rat


    Blood Ape


    Bone Naga
    Bone Ooze

    Bronze Serpent

    Chain Golem
    Chaos Roc
    Cloaked Ape

    Clockwork Horror
    Cloud Ray
    Corpse Gatherer

    Crimson Death

    Chapter II: Templates

    Chapter III: OGL Monsters

    Bonus Monsters (Not in the MMII, but terribly CRed)
    Monstrous Crab
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    Let's Read the Monster Manual II!

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