Update 78

Fighting mercenaries in Tobias' world. Slowly.

Visited Tobias in HALO to see if there were temporal issues and got some warnings to check on Tobias and Tony. Met Kyne and tried to comfort her, only to find out she didn't need it. Talked to Angela and congratulated her. Returned to GLoG. Talked to Tobias and believed him to be a fake, pulling his gun on the druid. Mikani interrupted and then Quinn got there and Tobias beat the hell out of Reinholdt before it was revealed that Tony was missing. Frustrated and angry and afraid, it was revealed that Quinn already knew about future Tobias and there was no reason to hide it. Quinn and Reinholdt went to HALO and confronted future Tobias who revealed there was a third Tobias, named the Black Fox. At this point, Reinholdt is certain that Tobias keeping secrets will be the death of him and it'll be his own fault. Tony was returned safely.

Met Olivia the vampire, who seemed rather certain Reinholdt was someone else and insane. Offered some solutions to her vampirism, but they were all really risky. Said he'd work on finding some other ones if he can. She still didn't seem to trust him. Oh well.

Gave Quinn the package that arrived. In it, pictures of three families that were saved during the Ebonapalypse.

Spent far too much time thinking. He hates thinking. Talked with Shrike and Zamira some more. Considered stealing the Games of Divinity.

Fez Hat Reinholdt
Together with Adir and Faith's help, was able to rip off the cursed branch on the soul eating tree, releasing the souls therein and destroying the tree. Hightailed it out of there shortly thereafter.

Met Olivia and was being nice and polite until he found out she was scared or upset with him for being Reinholdt. Took his leave thereafter, frustrated at his double.

Visited HALO where he met a crazy, stoned, stabbed Kwen.
Visited the Glass Citadel where he met a supposed to be dead Rabbit.

Mister Buttons
Pounced on the Knightly Nutcracker. His steed poured scalding water on the large kitty and Mister Buttons fled to hide under the porch. The Knightly Nutcracker gave chase and threatened him and then Jamie in turn when she showed up. When KN threatened Jamie, Mister Buttons went into protective mode and attacked, breaking the steed a little and injuring his paw. Mikani managed to get everything calm again and KN apologized before they all left to let Mister Buttons deal with his wounds.

Butler B. Butler
Coralie made him sweat out all that radiation he's been building up before releasing him to the Clown Bears. He returned to GLoG.

Went to the park and got kidnapped by a Punk who took him to Black Dragon Den.

The Admiral
Set up a radar to help him track the spirits but as of yet has been unable to find a way to stab the Time spirit easily. Is looking to contract outside help on the matter and might try to contact Ivaz.

Learned Rabbit might have a way to get his ability to feel back.

Doctor Stroffelnburg
Treating Chesire, Enaya, and Char for being insane. Making headway on Char. She got released with a full bill of health.

Nadas Ghuand Xar'Cha
Was exploring the Weald when Krystal ran up a tree fleeing from a flaming construct. Entangled the construct before learning it was a misunderstanding. Now helping the two find a flower.

A cleric who recently arrived in the Nexus, his goals appear to be that of redeeming those he can and possibly smiting those he can't. He met Avriel, a good soul, and Vice, who could be considered his polar opposite. Shared tea with them. Was then approached by someone stating that the good organizations of this world have grown slothful. Is now investigating these organizations.

Other Characters
Paul the Walrus
Ilpholin Ghuanaer Xar'Cha
Boris Sokolov
Mister Squiggles
Anya Tzepesci