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I intend to give this a few blasty spells, mostly buffs and occasionally a debuff.

Here what I intend to give it so far:

The origanal paladin spell list,

1st level spells
Nimbus of light, (1st level, 1d8+caster level positive energy/light damage.)
Spiritual weapon, (as cleric spell,)
Hide from undead, (1st level undead, however the paladin unless the oath is changed via DM or a feat such as devoted inquisistor then you aren't allowed to use it to ambush undead.

5th level spells
Atonement, (5th level spell, I never understood why a paladin couldn't cast it, I think it fits the flavour,)
Flame strike,
Disrupting weapon
Raise dead,
Rightoues might,
Symbol of pain,
symbol of sleep,
symbol of justice, (does what every paladin aspires to do, deliver divine justice!)
Cure light wounds mass,
Making a slight observation to the spell list, I find that the Paladin can't cast spells up until 4th level, and can't cast 5th level spells until level 18th. That's really bad, because of what happens: you still leave the 1/2 caster level restriction instead of granting them full caster level. That means the progression becomes a bit skewed, because you get an obscene amount of spells but can't cast them until very, very late. Try fixing that; otherwise, many of the spells you have become pointless.

Example: Dispel Magic. Dispel Magic is gotten exactly at the same level a cleric would get it, but your spell would still be worse because you'd cast it at half-level. Mass CLW would heal for a very little amount. Flame Strike would deal too little damage. And so on.

Another is that you're adding still too little. I mentioned an idea: the full list of Cleric spells plus the Paladin-exclusive spells. This is because while you still lack the big spells the Cleric has, you get a massive collection of lower-level spells that dwarf that of a 10th level Cleric. Granted, you'd have to restrict a few spells that would be non-thematic, but otherwise you'd be granting a very strong list of spells that the Paladin would make a much better use. Paladins get spells at a lower level than Clerics; make sure you use that. However, Clerics get some spells at a lower level than Paladins; use that as well. In that way, you get up to Mass Cure Light Wounds as a 5th level spell and Cure Critical Wounds as a 4th level spell, if you decide to use it. You'd also get very good spells such as Shield of Faith at level 1, Aid at level 2, Air Walk at level 4 and so on, which expands the options a Paladin has access to. With the small additions that are mostly cherry-picked (I presume you haven't finished revamping the spell list; if that's it, I excuse myself), the list still doesn't bring anything great to Paladins. In fact, with a well constructed list, you could delay Paladin spellcasting to resemble that of a Bard and the Paladin would still be useful. The Paladin could use good blasty spells, but the meat of a Paladin would be the self-buffing it has available. Thus, the spell list shouldn't focus mostly on blasting spells, but self-buffs that add more power to the Paladin (or an ally, if he wishes to share) to keep in-line with a self-buffed Cleric. Remember the Paladin will have access to the same tricks as the Cleric (DMM Persist/Quicken) but also will have access to its own tricks (Battle Blessing), so you need to count for that.

I'd generally recommend lowering spells, but since your progression is pretty much equal to that of a Cleric up until 10th level in which you get more spell slots instead of more spells, the spells can remain at the same level. Thus, spells like Dispel Magic, Bull's Strength and others remain viable at the necessary time. But again: check the CL. Paladins really deserve full CL, because half-CL on a half-spellcaster is just shooting you in the foot.

So, in a nutshell: take CL to full and consider carefully which spells to add, though I personally prefer Cleric spells + Paladin spells (with some tweaks to remove evil spells and a few others that don't fit with a Paladin theme from the list). Oh, and do tweak the table a bit; you can start erasing the columns of 6th-9th level spells and organize a bit. It's a tad messy, and that's not good if you want to showcase your work because it makes it harder to read and understand. It's going on a good road, but it needs a lot of clean-up to make it better.