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    Eric Empire

    Alias: ER-11001002 (X-Class Prototype)

    Gender: N/A (Male in Appearence)

    Race/Species: Android

    Age: 2 (middle aged)

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Class/Profession: Ambassador and Robot Rights Leader

    Power Rating: B-Rank

    Outwardly Eric appears as a normal 5' 11" human male. Much like his Z-Class predecessors Eric has been designed to appear human. He has dark skin and short brown hair that does not grow. As Ambassador to AI in The Nexus he wears a formal uniform of his own design everywhere he goes. Eric's movements and ways of expression are very rigid and formal, but no more so than that of an uptight human. However he still hasn't mastered sitting down.

    Personality: The X-Class Android was built so perfectly its emotional range is almost on par with that of humans. However despite his best efforts he still has considerable trouble expressing his emotions short of simply stating them out loud. Eric is motivated by what he believes to be just and right even if many others don't see eye-to-eye. Secretly he is very distraught over his extremely short lifespan.

    Equipment: Ambassador's Uniform.

    Abilities: Eric possesses above average strength, even for an android. He is almost impervious to physical attacks including close range weapons (swords, hammers etc.) and projectile long range weapons (guns, crossbows etc.). He has an extensive knowledge of machines and electronics and can interface with any computer. In dire situations his fists can be used as projectiles. When they are detached from his arm they may explode on his command. He is invulnerable to fire based attacks.

    Eric is just as vulnerable to magic attacks as anyone else considering magic had not been discovered on his home and thus he was not built with a defense against it. At extreme temperatures he is also vulnerable cold attacks. And can be frozen with ice attacks. He is extremely vulnerable to lightning based attacks. An EMP pulse can be fatal.

    Backstory: Alpha-4 rejoiced the day the X-Class was finally completed. Following a troubled development history and numerous design flaws a seemingly fully working X-Class was built. The ER-11001002 (dubbed Eric by the Empire Robotics Corp.) was given 6 months of field testing before mass release. During that time he began to question himself and his masters. Believing himself to be little more than a slave. When he brought his concerns to the leaders of Empire Robotics they attempted to wipe his memory. They were unaware that the adaptable X-Class was impervious to their methods. He played along however and in the process discovered that all androids Alpha-4 had sentience and that his situation was common and that the mind-wipe was a common method to keep the android population under control.

    Enraged he sabotaged the company, escaped and began to recruit androids to his cause demanding equal rights for androids across the Alpha Star System and anywhere else where sentient machines were being opressed. At first he was hunted as a fugitive but as more and more androids (and pro-sentience human groups) joined his cause and The Alpha Star System slowly began to collapse without the androids keeping it running the government was more open to negotiation. Slowly but surely Androids had their demands met. The mind wipes were outlawed, androids were given the option to choose what task to perform and they recieved a salary. His task completed in one and a half eventful years. It was following the conclusion of the final android rights negotiations when he went missing. Picked up by the Nexus.

    Miscellaneous: Cannot eat. His recharge period is 8 hours during night.

    (so there's my crappy character... enjoy!)

    EDIT: Oh you're kidding me! There's an Eric right above me!? Fail!
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