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    Formspring Links for FFRP Players and Characters

    Andy Emeral - Zefir
    Arthur Leonard Rock - blackouttwo
    Atoya - V'icternus
    Baeleck Characters - Baeleck
    Beans's Characters - Beans
    Blade of Oblivion - Blade of Oblivion
    BR aka John - The Bushranger
    Butler B. Butler - Reinholdt
    Cyban the Great - Darklord Bright
    DA the Player - Dark Apprentice
    DC - Darkcomet
    DeB's Flock - Chaotic Bob
    Eadin's Characters - Eadin
    Earl of Purple's Characters - Earl of Purple
    Elly - Eleventhhour
    Firefox the Player - Firefox
    Foro the Magma Monkey - ApeOfLight
    Grace - Vael
    Grant - Doom itp
    Happy the Player - happyturtle
    Harnel - Harnel
    horngeek the Player - horngeek
    Hyozo's Characters - Hyozo
    KerfuffleMach2's Characters - KerfuffleMach2
    Kris the Player - KidKris
    Lord Pringle the Player - Lord Pringle
    Magtok - Lord Magtok
    Maxios20 - Maxios
    Mortal Coil - Wolfbane
    Morty the Player - Morty
    Psi 23 - Haruki-kun
    Queen of Decency - Shadowcaller
    Raenir K. Artemi's Characters - Rae Artemi
    Raril Xar'Cha - Artemis97
    Raz - Project_Mayhem
    RPGsr4me the Player - RPGsr4me
    TechnoScrabble - Technoscrabble
    Terumitsu - Terumitsu
    Uncle Wolfy - Wolfbane
    Yukimura M. - Neon Knight

    Use the links above to ask questions of your favourite Nexus characters. Status is quasi-canon or canon-optional.

    I'm going to attempt to keep this list up to date and link it from my sig. To request updates to the list, please post in the current Nexus OOC thread and state exactly how you want your listing to read.
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