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    Jasper Thorn

    Alias: Are you implying that I need a better name?
    Gender: Male. First person to disagree dies.
    Race/Species: Human.... Mostly.
    Age: 28
    Alignment: CN
    Class/Profession: Gunslinger, paranormal investigator (whatever that means) and drunkard.
    Power Rating: C+ to B+

    Description: Jasper is pretty handsome, in a Spaghetti Western hero kind of way, but his face is marred by a variety of scars, and one of his eyes is made of glass, even if it is a startlingly lifelike replica. He wears a leather jacket over a gray silk shirt, and a very expensive fedora.

    Personality: Jasper is a loudmouth, with a tendency to make up absolutely impossible stories. He doesn't take anything seriously though, and most of his bragging is meant to be amusing rather then taken seriously.

    Equipment: Jasper carries his trusty six shooter and a sawed off shotgun everywhere he goes, but his real gear is the lucky coin he's perpetually flipping and the glass eye he uses, both powerful artifacts. The glass eye sharpens his senses and instincts to a razor's edge, as well as letting him "see" magic, while the coin grants him a supernatural kind of charisma, enough that his words are almost hypnotic suggestions, and he can trick the laws of the universe into not effecting him for a few seconds, although prolonged use is very dangerous.

    Abilities: Jasper, as stated above, is a good marksman, experienced brawler, and has the senses of a hawk. His main power is that his lucky coin lets him get away with all kinds of impossible shenanigan.

    Backstory:..... Not telling.
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