Justinian Bakker of The Burning Light

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 23
Alignment: Perceives himself to be LG.
Class/Profession: Lightbearer
Power Rating: C


Justinian is a man of slightly above average height, about 5'10", and has an athletic build. He's tanned from his travels, and has short red hair. He has blue eyes, and looks serious most of the time. He wears red brigandine armor with a white flame on the front, and carries a heavy mace at his side with a red sash tied to the handle.


Justinian doesn't joke, and is very pious. He never takes insults lightly even if he is normally fairly forgiving. Even so, he is a very self-sacrificing individual and does all within his power to purify all those who are Unclean and aid those in need.

Justinian wears Brigandine armor, and wields a heavy flanged mace. The only other item of note, is the red sash tied to the mace, a trophy from fighting Svaela, a firestarter.

Justinian has good combat prowess, and is a Lightbearer, meaning he has control over the portion of the Light that resides within him. He can use this to burn those he believes to be evil or to heal his allies to some degree.

Justinian is a Lightbearer, meaning that he has accepted part of The Burning Light, into himself. Being chosen for such means it is his duty to defend his Church, and to spread the Word of the Light to all those willing to listen.

When Justinian came into Nexus, to say he was naive and innocent was an understatement. His interactions with others have been an eyeopener for him. One in particular stand out. He met Vice. He doesn't know it, but after shaking Vice's hand, he has started to be slowly corrupted. His self-control has begun to slip.