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    Quote Originally Posted by Cieyrin View Post
    The way his reload rules currently are, if you get the reload down to a free action, you can dual wield a pair of pistols, which I find lulzy but that's just me.
    Bingo. Also, damage die size.

    The idea was to create a viable alternative without overpowering the guns or obsoleting bows/crossbows. Your rules, Gaurd Juris, seem to REPLACE bows/crossbows, or at least do it very effectively. Remember, any feats that exist for ranged combat apply here as well, as would many prestige classes (unless your DM is a ****, which sucks).

    I'll admit to kinda wanting to see someone dual-wield revolvers. There'd be a penalty, but it's be pretty neato. Also, the New York Reload (drop the pistol, pull a new one, keep shooting) is totally possible here thanks to Quick Draw, which is awesome.
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