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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaurd Juris View Post
    Loading a pistol in three seconds isn't far fetched... that's a move action. Loading a pistol in 0 seconds with no free hands is far fetched.
    D&D. Seriously. You have people that, using a sword can sunder boulders. That's hardly realistic either, but there you have it. I'm fine with some unrealistic stuff, personally.

    The rules will probably function fine in practice, but I don't see the firearms you've presented here as viable compared to bows. They don't appear to be major upgrade in effectiveness on any level, and are overall a downgrade. I support giving guns a bigger damage die and letting bows still have their advantages--I did the same thing. I just don't think you went far enough.
    They should be, especially with free action reloads, when they're now suddenly bows with better base damage and no Str to damage (oh, and better range, at least on the rifles).

    The pistols shouldn't be better than bows. They're PISTOLS, they're sidearms at best. They're not primary weapons. For example, who uses the Light Crossbow or Shortbow as their primary weapon?

    Gun kensai would be awesome, however.
    I'm hoping a player thinks of that, actually.

    Oh, and consider my suppressive fire and taking aim rules (along with the feats that go with them). IMO that stuff is a big part of firefight combat.
    I've thought about aiming rules, but there is ZERO reason bows or crossbows couldn't benefit as well. I may open those with a feat (Aiming Training) or some such, since precedent already exists in the Raptor School feat. Suppressive fire isn't happening, this game is not firearm focused (if it was, there'd be a lot more rules here, including rapid fire rules and far more guns, such as battle rifles, assault rifles, machine guns, machine pistols, missile and grenade launchers, etcetcetc ). In fact, I might actually draw all that up at some point, for kicks.

    EDIT: Cieryin (hope I got that right, I'm editing and can't actually SEE your name properly), I know that. I think Multishot and Improved Rapid Shot can help fix that though, at least partially. I'll have to fiddle with the numbers as this game goes (we're level 5 atm, so it's not super-relevant).
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