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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaurd Juris View Post
    Loading a pistol in three seconds isn't far fetched... that's a move action. Loading a pistol in 0 seconds with no free hands is far fetched.
    Ever heard about a certain Roland Deschain ? Like most fantasy characters, even if he is an awesome gunslinger, he probably isn't over level 8 in d&d. It is normal that someone reloading a weapon at such speed that it can be left out completely (a free action) seems incredibly far fetched to us, but it can and should be common past a certain level in d&d because we're entering the realm of heroes and superhumans here.

    As for the general balance, it seems fine, but if people think that it takes to many feats to achieve a free action reload, than perhaps consider combining a few feats together ? Quick Draw (or even Improved Initiative) and Rapid Reload could easily be made into one and not break anybodies game. All those feats fit the usual concepts nicely and don't add any power to anyone else except crossbow wielders, who could take the power boost too.
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