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    Lawerence Wrang Ch'ien

    Alias: Law, The Prosecutor
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 22
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Profession: Lawyer, Duelist
    Power Rating: C-
    Physical Description:
    Lawerence's occupation in the Nexus requires that he maintain an extremely well-conditioned body in order to survive. He works out daily. His exercise routine is very effective, as demonstrated by his rather muscular body. His eyes are of a jade green tint and he always keeps his face clean-shaven. His hair is charcoal black and feels like velvet to the touch. He stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch. He weighs 185 pounds of mainly muscle with a miniscule body fat percentage. His chin is very pronounced and his eyebrows are thick. His cheekbones are high. His lips are full and blood red. His nose is well crafted and contributes to his distinguished appearance. He always wears a pressed black suit in public with a blue dress shirt underneath the jacket and a black tie. His black dress shoes are always polished to the extent that looking at them to see one's reflexion may cause temporary blindness from the amount of light reflected from their surfaces. Additionally, a silver Rolex watch covers a brand that he has on his right wrist resembling the symbol of the freemasons. His hair is slicked back and consistently well groomed.

    Lawerence lives a very regimented life. He is unswervingly loyal to his friends. He is extremely trustworthy and it shows. He speaks quite eloquently and loves to read literature. It could be said that he is enamoured to it. He has dedicated his life to serving the law. Not the law of mortals, but the law of the divine. He will intervene to aid some criminals who he believes are just. Conversely, he will slay anyone who defies the gods or, at least, haul them off to court. Sometimes, even the law is fallible. This is why Lawerence is known as The Prosecutor. Even if the justice system fails, Lawerence ensures that every ounce of retribution will be extracted upon the ones he finds to be guilty. Lawerence is extremely cunning and intellegent. He is no coward, but he will evade those fights that he finds are rather extraneous to his goals. Lawerence will fight in a less than honorable fashion if the situation requires such an action. Of course, being a lawyer, Lawerence is naturally judgemental and condemning. Lawerence also holds aloof, at least when he doesn't have some alcoholic drink in his hand. Yes, Lawerence is somewhat of an alcoholic. If you were in his position you would understand. Image Max Payne as a lawyer. You are imagining Lawerence.

    -A .45 Magnum
    -A keychain with various keys
    -A wallet, ID, and a considerable sum of lucre
    -His clothing as described in the physical appearance section
    -A flask of whiskey
    -A Blackberry
    -A laptop and stack of assorted papers and books normally carried with his pistol in his briefcase
    -A 50 caliber sniper rifle resembling a Barrett 50 Cal (M107) with a suppressor and Leupold 4.514 Mark 4 scope(it can be disassembled for painless transport)
    -A brown trenchcoat and elegant, brown trilby(hat) for outside wear

    -Combat Finesse With The Pistol, Sniper Rifle, And In Unarmed Combat
    -Lawyer (And proud of it!)
    -The Drunker He Becomes, The Better He Can Fight In Unarmed Combat
    -The More Sober He Is, The Better Shot He Becomes With A Rifle And Pistol
    -Can Play The Piano
    -Superior Logic
    -Can Hack Computers And Gain Access To Sensitive Information
    -He Has A Fair Sum Of Money (Hey, it is Batman's super power)
    -Escape Artist
    -Can Pilot A Helicopter
    -Knows Many Interrogation Techniques
    -Can Pick Locks
    -Basic Knowledge Of Combat Medicine (Stabilization Until Actual Medical Assistance Is Procured)

    Lawerence attended law school at the age of 18. He has only recently graduated. He attended high school and a university. He had many friends and almost no tragic events occurred in his life, other than the death of his grandfather. It was a rather boring, normal life. The only point in his life that warrants deeper inspection is when he took to drinking at 21. You see, the god of his universe was a binge drinker. In his drunken stupor, he nearly eradicated the planet Lawerence dwelled upon until he observed Lawerence (who was also in a drunken stupor) and decided that maybe the organisms on this world weren't so different from him. He spoke to Lawerence and blessed him with a skill to aid him in his ventures. Lawerence was granted the ability to brawl better when drunk. The god also increased his ability to fight with a pistol when sober. Then, Lawerence became so drunk that he fell into a pool while attempting to embrace his own reflection. He was killed via asphyxiation, yet his god managed to bring him back from the dead and transport him to the Nexus where the god reasoned Lawerence could do more good. In exchange for this resurrection, the god asked Lawerence to bring justice to all creatures through any means necessary. Lawerence accepted this agreement becoming The Prosecutor.

    Symphony Number 25 In G Minor -- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Deep, Booming, Tenor
    Lawerence may, periodically, be narrated from a first-person perspective for comical or dramatic purposes.
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