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    Quote Originally Posted by Lix Lorn View Post
    Why does it have two different abilities called Empty Body in the text, one of which is called Empty Mind in the table?

    ...also you still don't mention lawfulness on the class, despite me mentioning it in the first post that wasn't you.
    Oh, it is implied by the Ex-Monk bit though. May I request/beg an ACF that allows you to be nonlawful, and changes your DR at 20th level to match?
    Wow, how have I overlooked that typo for 10 months? It's fixed now. And the option for variant alignment and thus varied damage reduction is added, because Lix is a sweetie. Lixie... you can pay me later.

    @ Huyche: I actually have a rather large collection of new and modified feats that I use in my own games. However, it clocks in at over 25 pages, so it's really beyond the scope of this class to post the entire thing. Instead, when I post a homebrew class, I just toss in an appetizer of a handful of my custom feats that are most relevant to the class at hand. I put more than the usual number in this thread because a) this was my first base class attempt and I was kind of feeling around in the dark, and b) monk-related feats are so consistently godawful that I couldn't in good conscience revise the monk and yet leave the community with the expectation that they should rely on those trash feats.

    However, I agree with where you're coming from, that any comprehensive rebalance of the game ultimately needs to include a rebalance of several hundred badly balanced feats in order for the overhaul to be complete.
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