Student of Chaos
Prerequisites: About to take their first level of Monk, chaotic alignment.
Benefit: May treat all references to Lawful in the Monk class as instead reading Chaotic. In addition, they may take the feat Axiomatic Strike as Anarchic strike, dealing their bonus damage to lawful creatures or those with DR/chaotic.
Chaos Monk (DR335 p88)
Alignment: any Lawful any Chaotic

Class Abilities

Flurry of Blows Greater Flurry Flailing Strike
When making a Full Round Attack with either Unarmed Strike or a Kata (i.e., special monk) weapon, the Chaos Monk has the option of taking the listed Penalty to hit (initially –2, reduced to –1 at 5th level, and becoming –0 at 9th level) to receive a random number of extra attacks.
1d4-1 at 1st
1d4 at 5th
1d6-1 at 10th
1d6 at 15th

Purity of Body Erratic Advance
When charging, the Chaos Monk’s target is Dazed for 1 round (Will Neg, DC = 10 + Chaos Monk class level). Usable Wisdom modifier times per day (min 1).
Wholeness of Body Displacing Stance
When active, attacks on the Chaos Monk have a 20% Miss Chance at 7th level and a 50% at 12th level. Activating this ability is a Standard Action and it can be used (˝ Chaos Monk class level) rounds per day (not necessarily consecutive).
Ki Strike (lawful) Ki Strike (chaotic)
Diamond Body Freedom of Thought
If the Chaos Monk fails a Will save vs. a Mind-Affecting effect, he/she may immediately reroll the save, though the second roll must be kept. Usable 1/day.
Perfect Self Anarchic Self
As Perfect Self, but the Chaos Monk gains the (chaotic) subtype.