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It's instead of giving them fly. They can hit Epic skill DCs in mid teen levels and thus walk on clouds.
Functional AND elegant.
Invalidating an entire build is hardly elegant. Also, they cannot walk on clouds even with this bonus. Walking on clouds is a DC 120 Balance check, which, even at higher level, is incredibly unlikely to happen unless they are level twenty or have items that boost their Balance check.

And it honestly isn't a replacement for fly, or an effective one, at the very least. Long jump is a number of feet equal to the check, which is nice, but not fly. It is like fly, if one had to come down every round, and couldn't fly up very high. Honestly, the highest they are going to get with it at mid levels is +60, and that is with a bit of optimization. If they do reach that, they are going up 15 feet. Which honestly isn't that much. A caster with Fly can fly at 60 feet per round in any direction.