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    Have a look up the thread, and you'll find this has already been discussed:
    Except this entirely invalidates the rest of the class as anything but extra, and makes it just dip-material. "Monk twenty? Psha, I am going monk 3/Swordsage 17". Honestly, they would gain more benefit from that three level dip and bonus than this class does. The rest of the class A) isn't able to do many character roles/types well (which is also a fault of the original monk), and B) doesn't have many combat options.

    "I can melee attack with my fists. I can melee attack with my fists. I can spend a standard action to do several melee attacks with my fists. I can shoot my fists? How does that work? I can Dim Door, but that is an inherently weak spell, especially considering that it can't even really account for mobility in this case, since I is a melee attacker. I can use a SoD a few times per day, but using Fortitude, the highest monster save, and if they make it they face no repercussions, and I can't even use it on them again. I can go ethereal. Woo. No combat change, I am still fighting with my fists, and I can't even attack now. Once per encounter, I can add my monk levels to anything. Still no combat change. I gain damage reduction. Still no change."

    All of the interesting combat features come at low levels. Actually, let's just look at the first three levels. You gain: Two bonus feats, Flurry of Blows, Wis to AC, Trapfinding, Unarmed Strike, Evasion, Empty Strike, Still Mind, +10 Movement speed, +10 to Tumble, Jump, and Balance checks.

    This is literally, probably the most dippable class I have yet to see. None of the higher level abilities encourage interesting combat options. I would have no reason at all to stay in this class past level three. It retains one of the main problems of the original monk.
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