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    I am not overly concerned with people multiclassing between monk and other classes. Heck, people do that now.

    It's also true that the revised monk can invalidate an AoO build. So can ten other classes, half of which are in the PHB. AoO fighters are weak; any character built around the assumption that all of his opponents will be melee combatants who are incapable of passing a DC 15 skill check is flawed.

    I agree that providing alternative sets of bonus feats to mimic specific fighting styles would be a neat way to customize the monk. However, that gets into murky territory in which any chain I propose would have to contain revamped feats, since so many feats suck so badly. I doubt the community would ever come to consensus on which feats should be rewritten and how, so I think I'll simply endorse the concept and leave individual DMs and players to hammer out the details.

    @ Lix: I don't take currency...

    The idea of keen as an option for Improved Ki Strike is pretty sweet. It's added. Just be careful shaking hands! I'd like to improve Ki Blast, because, well, yeah, shoryouken, but the feat sucks so bad I'm kind of at a loss on that one. Maybe set the damage to 1d6/character level or something? 3d6 is just a tickle.
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