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Your criticism is noted, although I really think you should fact-check the numbers you're quoting, as they don't line up with my understanding of the rules at all. I'll also comment that playtest has shown the revised monk to be a versatile and effective character who easily finds a role within a party of mid-tier characters.
Seventh level character, with full ranks and a 20 in Dexterity, but without any outside items or bonii = 10+5 = 15. The DC is 25. That means they have a half and half chance of not being AoOed, or being AoOed. At level ten: 13 ranks, plus a 24 in Dexterity = 13+7 = 20. 20/25 = 4/5 = .8, or 80%. If they do not max out Dexterity, or do not have full ranks in tumble? It gets even lower.

For a level three monk with only an 18 in Dexterity: 6+10+4 = 20. That right there is already a reliable means of success, and it goes even higher when if the monk has a racial bonus to Dexterity, or Dexterity boosting items. So, basically, a level 3 monk who has the same proportion of ranks and Dexterity (which the monk is already being provided an incentive for, which is honestly fine).

If the monk were to focus in it, and have an item? 6 (Ranks)+10 (DwtE)+4 (Dex)+3 (Skill Focus)+1 (Item)+2 (Mwk item) = +26, able to do it earlier than any other class. Even if you removed the crafted item of Tumble, you still have a 100% chance of making the check at level three. I would be honestly fine with that, though, if you had some other options to use Tumble for. But you don't. You are given those bonuses and never given anything more to do with them, which would make a far more interesting and capable melee warrior.

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Other than the one you previously mentioned, do you have any specific suggestions for improving the class?
Able to use Jump before an attack roll in order to boost damage. Being able to intersperse standard action flurries with tumble movement. Being able to avoid grapples/charges/trips with Balance. Being able to do things with your skills besides just using them to Jump/Tumble/Balance with them. Doing this for other skills as well would be cool. More options for Trip, Grapple, Charge, Bull Rush, etc, that the monk can get as actual class features rather than feats. Or, being able to pick a path of specialization to go through with class features (like you could have a Grappling monk, or a Charging monk, or a Tripping monk.) These abilities would be more in the end levels of the class, along with the general all around useful class features like Empty Step, etc.

Basically, classes should be able to be multiple different character roles (brawler, monastical fighter, streetfighter, grappler, jyujutsu master), and also provide combat utility as well as out of combat utility. Combat utility involves being able to choose multiple different options for each combat, besides simply "I run in. I hit him a bunch of times with my fists. I continue to hit him a bunch of times with my fists." Out of combat utility is usually (for non-casters anyway) provided by skills, which you seem to have covered.

Just my two cents.