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    Quote Originally Posted by jiriku View Post
    Shoot, misread "move through enemies space" as "move through any area that opponent threatens."

    Good point.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pechvarry View Post
    While a lofty goal, that is your ideal; not a game design paradigm. I can only think of a single base class in 3.5 that follows your example: Knight. And it's one of said class' biggest weaknesses.

    You seem very hung up on this comparison on skill checks between monk and other classes, instead of what this class can accomplish vs other classes. A level 5 swordsage can teleport at will, a level 7 wizard can destroy a game world. This monk fix gets something to compensate for not being able to fly.
    But the capstone doesn't even feel like a capstone. The later abilities aren't any more interesting than going into a PrC would be for combat related abilities. This isn't about comparing to other base classes, but comparing between this class and prestige classes that can be gotten into. Most of the monk (and melee classes, really) suck, but they will still probably have more combat options than this class. But honestly, why not compare it to other classes? If I can do the same things with another class, and with more power, then why wouldn't I?

    As for flying; as I mentioned earlier, DwtE doesn't even begin to cover it.
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