Good news everyone! after the tragic death of my bugbear cleric, (death by an acid-spitting swamp-thing) I was able to play my Choker druid/rogue for a short while before the session ended. it looks like my GM agrees with the Cloaker model i used, but just to be safe Iím going to post a link to this thread in our game's message board.

didnít do much in the game, just used the Cloaker to fly over a flooded city in the center of my territory (Iíve decided that I am a local resident of the swamp, and not too fond of the lizardmen and hobgoblins that recently decided to take charge), flown over the other PC's who were crossing the "lake" on a reed raft (and have yet to know about me) and disabled a warning bell on a half-drowned bell tower some hobgoblins could have used to alert the nearby hobgoblin/lizardman forces of the PC's presence.

thatís about it really, havenít taken anyone out, but starting next session, Iím hoping to stealthily take out some hobgoblins who have decided to open fire on the other PC's through some archery holes that give them superior cover from any ranged attacks the other PC's may have. So I may be their only hope!

I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me make the choker/cloaker combo, and i have a feeling it's going to be a fun game