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Ignoring the work of others just because it isn't yours seems silly to me.
That's not what I said. What I asked for was a reason to use his work. I didn't ignore it. In fact, I downloaded and read through it. I found it well done, if a bit not to my liking.

No. The question is why shouldn't you use it.
Because I like to do it myself? Because I don't agree with many of his base assumptions about the system? Because his design philosophy doesn't line up well with mine? There's a lot of reasons.

I have posted a link to a much lengthier document than your post, with significantly more customization options, explanations of why particular mechanics were chosen, and is significantly more fleshed-out than what you've got here.
And given that I specifically stated these rules are not meant to replace or override anything already extant in the game world, and that they're a small flavor addition, why would I want all of that?

Now, if I wanted a full set of detailed firearm rules for a Renissance or Civil War era game, ok, that's a good place to start. I don't, or I would have produced such a thing.

So you tell me - why would I use your work over Ken Hood's? What does yours have to offer that's different, that makes it stand out, that makes the choice between yours and Ken Hood's work meaningful? Otherwise the only reason to use what you've got here is ignorance of the work of others, and that's a poor reason to choose one set of mechanics over another.
You don't have to, nor do I care if you do or not. I provided this because *I'm* using it, and wanted an independent eye to check my work and tell me what I did wrong, if anything.

And, I must be honest, when I asked for a double-check, and someone provides a link to someone else's work with no explanation as to why, and then calls me ignorant, I'm somewhat disappointed.

@Debihuman: I probably should figure out some new feats. I'll be working closely with the samurai (T.G. Oskar's Samurai, btws) player in this upcoming game to figure out what feats he's going to need/want that don't already exist, and then we'll make it happen. He's kind of the test bed for these rules.