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    Just felt kind of inspired by the idea of a gun-totting Samurai. Here is a tactical feat. Tell me if you think it is too "western", and I can change parts of it.

    Long Arm of the Law [Tactical]
    Your training with rifles, guns, and other ranged guns has given you new combat maneuvers.
    Prerequisites: Point-Blank Shot, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Firearms), Base Attack Bonus +6
    Benefits: You gain new combat maneuvers

    Sparrow Shot: As a standard action, you may make a ranged touch attack against an opponent within range with a firearm. If you hit, you deal half of the damage you would have done normally, and that target's movement speed is reduced by 5 feet. If the attack is a critical hit, the movement speed reduction is multiplied by the critical hit multiplier. This ability stacks with itself, but the target's movement speeds cannot ever be reduced lower than 5 feet in this way.

    Eyes of the Just: As a move action, you may stare down your target. You may make an Intimidate check, opposed by his opponent's modified level check (as detailed in the Intimidate entry of the SRD, or the player's handbook). If you beat the opponents opposed check, you may make a ranged attack against that opponent, with a +5 bonus to the shot.

    Silver's Charge: While mounted, you may, as a full round action, have you mount charge in any direction, moving a distance of up to twice its base land speed. While moving, you may make a full attack against a single opponent as a swift action.
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