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Thread: [3.5] The Monk Remixed

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    Default Re: [3.5] Revised Monk (finally the red-headed stepchild gets some respect and PEACH!

    I don't think this class needs ToB manoevres. If you're going for that fix, you might as well just play a swordsage and call it a day. And the design goal was always "strong Tier 4".

    Now, as for the skill bonus... what if the progression it followed wasn't so linear, but a little more exponential? Say, +5 at 3rd, +5 again at 6th, +10 at 9th & 12th, +15 at 15th and 18th. Same eventual total, more rewarding to follow all the way. (Although that threshold of needing a 15 to tumble past a single opponent being about its most powerful use is annoying). Alternatively or in addition, the obvious ability to add to those already under the epic skill uses of Tumble is to be able to move past opponents at full speed rather than half speed - charge double the base 15/25 DC, perhaps, (EDIT: ie a DC of 30 to move past an opponent at full speed, and 50 to move their square) while also doubling the penalty for each additional opponent you tumble past to 4?
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