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To clarify: the revised monk is an improved monk class. It does the same things the original monk does, only better. It does not possess broad new suites of capability that the original monk did not have -- it simply corrects the monk's deficiencies. If you want to punch people with maneuvers, play an unarmed swordsage. If you want to punch people with ki powers or psionic powers, play the homebrew ki monks and psionic monks already present on this forum. If you want to play the classic monk but you want to *not suck*, this is the class for you.
Of course. I fully agree in this sense. However, you do not necessarily have to shoe-hole yourself into giving them the exact same class features, and not giving them any new ones. In fact, that logic really doesn't make very much sense, since you have already added some new class features.

What I was suggesting was that you add something to make combat interesting. ToB does this, but it isn't the only option. But it needs to happen, badly. Everything else is fantastic (besides maybe character roles). All you have to do is build off of the Monk fighting styles already presented in the SRD with Unearthed Arcana. They are completely mundane, no magic, no ToB, no Ki. Just martial artist. And, give them actual class features instead of feats. Make something out of it.