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    Quote Originally Posted by unosarta View Post
    Long Arm of the Law [Tactical]
    Your training with rifles, guns, and other ranged guns has given you new combat maneuvers and additional benefits from your Samurai combat style.
    Prerequisites: Improved Martial Discipline (Kyūjutsu), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Firearms), Base Attack Bonus +6
    Benefits: The Samurai gains new combat maneuvers

    Sparrow Shot: As a standard action, the Samurai may make a ranged touch attack against an opponent within range with a firearm. If he hits, he deals half of the damage he would have done normally, and that target's movement speed is reduced by 5 feet. If the attack is a critical hit, the movement speed reduction is multiplied by the critical hit multiplier. This ability stacks with itself, but the target's movement speeds cannot ever be reduced lower than 5 feet in this way.

    Eyes of the Just: As a move action, the Samurai may stare down his target. He may make an Intimidate check, opposed by his opponent's modified level check (as detailed in the Intimidate entry of the SRD, or the player's handbook). If he beats the opponents opposed check, he may make a ranged attack against that opponent, with a +5 bonus to the shot.

    Silver's Charge: While mounted, the Samurai may, as a full round action, have his mount charge in any direction, moving a distance of up to twice its base land speed. While moving, the Samurai may make a full attack against a single opponent as a swift action.

    Special: For the purposes of Samurai class features, Firearms count as bows or crossbows.
    I actually really like this. However, is there any way we can divorce it from Samurai and make it a little more broadly applicable for all firearm wielders? I love tactical feats and I love the Western Gunslinger feel I get from this one specifically, but want non-samurai to be able to get in there as well.

    Also, out of curiosity, why is Silver's Charge in there?

    Quote Originally Posted by playswithfire View Post
    Bayonet - why is there no cost? Do all rifles come with a bayonet included in the price? Or does "functionally a dagger" mean that you just buy a dagger and attach it to your rifle?
    Well. That's a great question. However, if you look closely, you'll see there is indeed a cost. I forgot one, thanks for the reminder

    Gun butt and bayonet - do they get the enhancements of the rest of the gun or are they enhanced separately. Given the lack of cost, I'd assume that they either get the full weapon enhancement or maybe the enhancement bonus, but not the magical enhancements (e.g. you get +2 to attack and damage with the butt of a +2 flaming pistol, but not the d6 fire damage). I could see that making sense for gun butt, but Complete Scoundrel sort of set a precedent for bayonets with the bow blades (enhanced separate from the ranged weapon and an attack penalty), so I was wondering if you'd use those rules (probably dropping the attack penalty).
    Bayonets are enchanted separately. There is no attack penalty for stabbing a guy with a bayonet, since it's basically just a spear at that point. I'll note the enchantment thing above.

    Gun butts gain the enhancement bonus of the gun to attacks and damage, but not the special effects, as befits their place as a last-ditch weapon. I'll make a note of that above.

    Random thought/suggestion (sort of depends on the answer to how gun butts are enhanced) - have you considered making rifles a double-weapon instead of a two-handed weapon? One end firing bullets or having the bayonet and the other end the gun butt. You would have the option to use only one and as a two-handed weapon instead (like how quarterstaff should be, but isn't). Just a thought, if only because it could be interesting to, say, have a character with knockback knock an opponent away with the gun butt before shooting him with the rifle end to avoid the AoO. Just a thought.
    That's a very interesting idea. I may actually go for a feat in that line. Let's see how this looks...

    Firearm Knockback [Fighter, Firearm]
    You've managed a technique that's deemed suicidally insane by most, that of the knockback and fire.
    Prerequisites: Firearm Proficiency, Weapon Focus (any firearm), Improved Bull Rush
    Benefits: As a standard action, you can perform a firearm knockback. You make a single attack at your highest attack bonus with the gun butt of the firearm for which you have Weapon Focus. If you hit the target, you make a bull rush attempt against them. If you succeed in pushing them back at least 5-ft, you can then make a single attack with your firearm at your highest attack bonus. If you fail to push them back, the firearm knockback fails.
    Normal: You can't do the above.

    On the whole, like I said, looks good.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashtagon View Post
    If you want cinematic, that's pretty cool. If you want realistic, that is an extremely efficient way to literally shoot yourself in the foot, or possibly someplace more vital than your foot.
    Oh yeah, it's a terrible idea when you factor in realism, but I think that, with some training, a special maneuver could be created that would let you gun butt someone, flip the gun around, and pop one off at them. I don't think it'd be the best of ideas, but it could be cool. See the above feat for a first-blush idea.

    Quote Originally Posted by drakir_nosslin View Post
    I imagine reloading one handed would look something like this.
    Indeed! A clever reload, that one. Though, reloading revolvers still takes a moment.

    Pre-Edit: Cieyrin, many people miss that line. Dunno why.

    Actual EDIT:
    Quote Originally Posted by Keinnicht View Post
    Better than the DMG rules, that's for sure.

    So, Firearm Proficiency applies to all of them, and reduces reload time by one step? That seems reasonable.
    Yep. I wanted to still require a feat, but make feat taxing too terrible.

    Also, I feel like gun butt attacks should provoke attacks of opportunity. I mean, while it's definitely effective, that is still basically as much of an improvised weapon as stabbing someone with a broken bottle or whapping them with a broom.
    Well, that's kinda rough. The idea of the gun butt as a weapon is so that when someone's right next to you, you don't have to suffer an AoO to still be useful. To be fair, I also don't think unarmed strikes (ie. punching a dude) should provoke either.
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