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    I actually really like this. However, is there any way we can divorce it from Samurai and make it a little more broadly applicable for all firearm wielders? I love tactical feats and I love the Western Gunslinger feel I get from this one specifically, but want non-samurai to be able to get in there as well.
    I suppose. Really, none of the abilities are truly based on samurai abilities, but are certainly similar to them, I suppose.

    Also, a Paladin with the Long Arm of the Law and Ranged Smite would be pretty fun. Or a ranger really.

    Quote Originally Posted by arguskos View Post
    Also, out of curiosity, why is Silver's Charge in there?
    Because the Samurai's Kyuujutsu line is based on the Japanese Hankyuu, which is a longbow used while mounted. A few of those abilities also give a bonus to riding stuff for that exact reason. Also, it is rather tropetastic for western shooters to also have a horse (which is what Silver is from, Silver being the Lone Ranger's horse). Shooting from a horse, or a horse chase-scene is a classic for any western movie or show. In actuality? Horses were really necessary in an area where the climate is really desperate and harsh.

    [Edit]: And the feat is updated, no reference to Samurai, and all of the pronouns have been changed to second person, from third person.
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