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I suppose. Really, none of the abilities are truly based on samurai abilities, but are certainly similar to them, I suppose.

Also, a Paladin with the Long Arm of the Law and Ranged Smite would be pretty fun. Or a ranger really.
Yeah, that's the idea I had actually. Long Arm of the Law and other ranged attacks like Smite and whatnot would be a great combo.

Because the Samurai's Kyuujutsu line is based on the Japanese Hankyuu, which is a longbow used while mounted. A few of those abilities also give a bonus to riding stuff for that exact reason. Also, it is rather tropetastic for western shooters to also have a horse (which is what Silver is from, Silver being the Lone Ranger's horse). Shooting from a horse, or a horse chase-scene is a classic for any western movie or show. In actuality? Horses were really necessary in an area where the climate is really desperate and harsh.
Well, now I know. And knowing etcetcetc.