Alias: Lady Nuara, Princess of Autumn
Gender: Female
Race: True Fey, Winter Court
Age: Around 200 years
Description: Nuara appears to be a beautiful young woman. Her skin is pale, almost white. She has golden colored eyes and long dark hair with a slight hint of red. A pair of wings grow from her back, the feathers a dark brown, fading to red. She tends to wear fine dresses in the shades of autumn, but she favors reds and golds.
Personality: Nuara can seem cold, aloof, and even arrogant. As a Fey, she views herself above Mortals, a higher being. Though she understands she is responsible to them and dependant upon them for further existance.
Abilities: Nuara is a physical incarnation of Autumn and holds sway over many elements associated with the season. Cold, decay, and death, but growth and maturation as well. She is responsible for the ripening of crops for harvest, and making plants go dormant before winter comes.
Backstory: Nuara is a ruling member of the Winter Court, an order of Fey in her home realm of Silviask. The Winter Court rules for half of the year, and have powers over what some would call the darker aspects of life. Fey of the Winter Court are often seen as malevolent, for they are responsible for mortal death. Nuara had been set to soon become the Winter Queen, but when a long running feud with the Summer Court boiled over into open war, she was forced to flee her homeland. Now she is in the Nexus with little aid, and no idea of the state her homeland is in.


Gender: Male
Race: Lesser Fey, Winter Court
Age: 130 (looks about 30)
Description: Ansel is tall and broad shouldered. He is well muscled and deeply tanned, likely from years of work outside. His hair is long, thick, and black, and he sports a curled goatee. He wears simple, roughspun clothing. Below the knee, his legs are like a horse's, black furred, the hooves shod in silver. He carries a large sword that seems to be made of some strange silver-white material, it almost looks like bone or horn. He is also a very large black unicorn, built on the proportions of a clidesdale. Ansel is a single soul shared between two bodies. Partly man and beast. Partly mortal and Fey.
Personality: Ansel is generally good natured, though he can be very guarded and suspicious of other when the safety of his Lady is involved.
Abilities: Ansel has some minor abilities over plants. He is also very strong, given his great size, and skilled with the blade he carries.
Backstory: Ansel has been Nuara's servant and guard ever since she lifted him from a mortal life and transformed him into a fey. He helped her to escape their suddenly war-torn homeland and brought here to the Nexus.