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    Werewolf Roles

    St. Trinians: Loyal Eco Freak (Village Item Creater) Survived! Win!
    Demons II: Twisted Cultist (Mason) Lynched. Loss.
    Classic XII: Mason Night Killed. Win!
    X-men: Mimic (Fool) Night Killed. Loss.
    Universal Smash Bros. 5: Samus (Point-Charger) Survived! Loss.
    The Infected: Angel (Careless Baner) Lynched. Loss.
    Mafia XI: Murder Inc. Hitman (Wolf) Night Killed. Win!
    ITP - Battle for Alarra: Parent (Beast) Survived! Win!
    MtG - Conflux: Clifrunner behemoth (Naya Shard's Scryer) Lynched. Loss.
    Breaking the 4th Wall: Narrator - Trolls(Wolves) won.
    L-Space: Library Patron (Villager) Night Killed. Win!
    The Gamers, Dorkness Rising: Flynn (Villager) Lynched (DAY 1!). Loss.
    Assassins IV - The Return: Brother of Thufir (Mason) Night Killed. Win!
    Devils: Bearded Devil (Villager) Survived! Loss.
    Mummy - The Resurrection: Snake...eventually (Wolf) Lynched. Canceled.
    Shape Shifters 2: Joe Schmo (Villager) Survived! Loss.
    Llama Llama Duck 4: Llama Vortexer Survived! Win!
    D&D: Halfling Zombie (Wolf) Survived! Flawless Victory!
    Fatbelly V - Who's For Dessert?: Hungry Knuckle "Lynched". Loss.
    ITP - Battle for Haruki-Kun: Atreyu the Masked Llama (Shield) Night (1!) Killed. Loss.
    Classic XIII: Narrator - Village won.
    FF Advent Children IV - Centuries of Sin: Keepa (Mason) Ongoing.
    D&D 4E WW - The Castle of Illusions: Co-Narrator - Ongoing.
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