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    Thrid Blacklocks
    ((avatar coming soon))

    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Dwarf // Lich

    Age: Above 700

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Class/Profession: Warrior // Necromancer // Engineer

    Power Rating: B

    Description: He's four feet tall, black beard tucked into his belt, what little of his face that is visible is ruddy. He's wearing a full suit of shiny steel platemail, short a helmet. One of his arms is replaced by a equally shiny, brass coloured, robotic arm. On his back is a large pack absolutely covered in pockets. Strapped under that appears to be a small keg. On either side of his waist is a battle axe.

    Personality: Thrid has a tendency to be gruff and grumpy. He'll complain about “damned fools” and “kids dese days” until he's blue in the face. He's a good natured guy generally and loyal to a fault.

    -Battle axes that are enchantent grow white hot, hot enough to melt through metal.
    -A many pocketed pack. Each pocket leads to a different pocket dimension.
    -A small keg enchanted to keep its contents cool.
    -His robotic arm which has various gadgets in it useful for building robots and constructs. Its hand can also shoot forward a couple inches to make punches devastating.
    -Miscellaneous other items that he would probably take hours to fish out of his pack.

    Abilities: Thrid is a powerful necromancer. It's not your usual necromancy. Even Trid isn't sure how exactly it works, but he's really asking spirits to help him. They can refuse, but generally they don't. Although Thrid is very capable of basic necromatic spells, he generally uses his power in combination with his robotic skills.

    He is very talented with various forms of crafting, but he has a special affinity for robotics. He can whip up all kinds of machines with the scrap he has on him and a few tools.

    Finally Thrid is a capable, if not talented, warrior. He's been using his battle axes for a long time.

    Backstory: Coming soon.

    Miscellaneous: His name means black craftsman.
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